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Image By: locusolusAlthough comic books are generally looked at as a bit of a niche market, there are sometimes exceptions to this rule, and certain heroes rise far above the stereotypical group of college nerds sharing comic books in the basement. We take a look at the most iconic famous comic book heroes (and villains) below.
Superman – commonly regarded as the first comic book superhero, this man has more super powers than you can shake a stick at. He has appeared consistently for eighty years, and has been redefined several times since his inception. But always, he fights for truth, justice and the American Way. Without Superman, would tights on superheroes be quite so fashionable?
The only caped crusader who comes close to holding a torch to Superman's popularity is Batman. His reasons for fighting crime are a little more revenge-driven, but even so. From camp ‘POW!' crusader to the (very) Dark Knight, his incarnations are many, and there's a Batman for everyone.
Good old Wolverine – easily the most popular mutant from the X-Men comics. Quite frankly, who wouldn't want foot-long knives capable of extending from between their knuckles on demand? But what we are all attracted to is Wolverine's constant fight with his own conscience and his own dark past.
Spiderman is another mutant we love to engage with. Capable of pulling down more than flies, his trademark sense of humour has him using some genuinely funny one-liners during his fights. It's more than just bravado though – he's very good at getting his adversaries make mistakes. Loveable purely because of his geeky alter-ego Peter Parker, he's developed an enormous fanbase and been the subject of several films and computer games.
Wonder Woman holds the medal for the most famous female crusader. She's almost as powerful as Superman, just as recognisable, and just as desired on the dressing-up front. She certainly looks better in hot pants, and of course, she's a strong female role model.

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